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Oregon Trademarks, Copyrights and Business Law

Whether you’ve started a business, have owned a business for years, or just have an idea in your head about a business, Yellow Dog Legal has got you covered.  

Attorney Nicole Schaefer handles all aspects of Trademarks and Copyrights and helps businesses with their other needs- including contracts, incorporation, etc. 

Practice Areas and Clientele — Yellow Dog Legal

Nicole represents the interests of a broad set of clients, from small business owners to podcasters.

Nicole offers a variety of trademark, copyright, and business services.

Services Offered

  • Trademark searches and opinion letters
  • Trademark registration
  • Trademark monitoring
  • Office Action responses
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • TTAB prosecution and defense
  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright cease and desist letters
  • Contract drafting (i.e., employment contracts)
  • Business incorporation
  • LIFT your Business audits and services

The breadth and depth of Nicole’s practice makes her particularly well-suited to navigate legal situations in which complex — and unexpected — issues arise.  She is able to “switch gears” quickly and effectively. 

For example, what may seem to be a standard contract situation could become more complicated as the other parties to the agreement argue for the insertion of problematic provisions.  Achieving a favorable result in that scenario will, therefore, require a keen eye for negotiation.  Nicole approaches her legal practice with the flexibility and foresight necessary to change course as new demands are made.

Contact Yellow Dog Legal for Assistance

Nicole is a people-oriented attorney whose practice depends on close engagement with the client.  If you choose to work with Yellow Dog Legal, your legal matter will be handled with the attention and care it deserves.

It is important that a client’s unique needs, preferences and concerns be addressed with the proper consideration.  Not only is it beneficial to the client, who recognizes that their case is being handled in a personalized manner, but this approach also leads to more positive outcomes in the long-term.

Ready to speak to a skilled Oregon attorney about your legal concerns?  Great!  Nicole can help.

Call Yellow Dog Legal at 971-350-8516 or complete an intake form through our website to schedule a consultation.