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Experienced Oregon Attorney Providing Assistance to a Wide Range of Clients

Looking for the right attorney can be overwhelming.  It might not be clear who is the right fit for handing your legal matter.  After all, “marketing-speak” has become common in the legal industry.

Attorney Nicole Shaefer is the perfect choice for clients interested in receiving personalized attention and care throughout the representation process.  Her working approach is best described as a commitment to engaging each and every client in accordance with their needs.

Collaborative, Highly-Engaged Attorney-Client Process

Nicole prides herself on client-centric representation.

The client’s needs are the prime concern in handling their legal matter — not the legal matter itself.  This holistic perspective changes the way in which she interacts with the client’s issues, as it becomes necessary to learn additional details about the client.  The development of collaborative, highly-engaged attorney-client procedures is a natural consequence of this approach, giving Nicole access to an abundance of valuable information that will help her to conclude the matter favorably.

Flexible Fee Arrangements

Unlike many of her competitors, Nicole offers flat fees.  

What is the advantage of a flat fee?  With a flat fee billing system, you will receive no surprise bills! You will never be nickel-and-dimed for phone calls, emails, etc. You pay once and you are done.

Legal Help, from the Convenience of your Home or Office

Yellow Dog Legal is a virtual law office run by an Oregon trademark and small business attorney. Essentially, you don’t have to drive to an office and we can communicate easily through an online medium, such as email, Skype, or a secure online client portal. You can even pay your legal fees online. Operating a virtual office allows Nicole to communicate with you quickly during work hours and keep overhead low. This allows Nicole to charge less in legal fees than other attorneys.

Identifying Potential Legal Issues Over Time

Yellow Dog Legal is committed to working with clients in a more comprehensive manner, going above and beyond an isolated engagement.  For example, Nicole routinely assists estate planning and business formation clients over time, updating their documentation (in accordance with changing laws and internal goal-shifting) to ensure that it continues to satisfy the client’s overall strategic gameplan.

This dedication to the client as an entity — not limiting representation to the legal matter at hand — is a key advantage of Nicole’s approach.  When she works with a client, she has the skill-set necessary to identify legal issues that may not have been obvious upon initial impression.

Keenly observant, Nicole is well-equipped to help her clients (businesses, families, and individuals) manage a full suite of legal concerns.

Contact Yellow Dog Legal for Help

Interested in speaking to a skilled Oregon attorney for guidance on how to proceed with your legal matter?  Nicole is standing by to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the law.

Do not delay speaking with a qualified legal professional. There are many complications (and opportunities) that you might not be aware of. Call Yellow Dog Legal at 971-350-8516 or complete an intake form through our website to schedule a consultation today.