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Creating a Path to Financial Liberation

Wealth generation is a challenge that nearly everyone experiences to varying degrees. Although there are many programs and coaches who sell clients on the possibility of “getting rich quick,” the Money Map Life Planning Process takes a fundamentally different approach.

The problem is that many people have a tendency to see wealth generation as independent of their personality and lifestyle. That’s where the Money Map Life Planning Process comes in. It puts forth the idea that wealth generation is a reflection of self-understanding.

The goal of the Money Map Life Planning Process is to help clients achieve full financial and personal potential. The process is meant to spur deep and surprising insight into what you really want in life and what steps you can take (with respect to time, effort, and finances) to achieve that purpose.

Money Map Life Planning at a Glance

The Money Map Life Planning process can be split into two phases: discovery and business modeling.

Personal discovery and “awakening” into one’s true self is the first — and arguably the most critical — phase of this process. It is only through the shedding of one’s past conditioning and unconscious biases that one can reflect on their purpose. Once this purpose is identified, it’s much easier to take stock of what needs to be done.

Clients are then empowered to make everything come together by utilizing an entrepreneurial mindset. This is the second phase: the nitty-gritty how-to analysis necessary to build a business model that works for you.

Phase One: Discovering and Clarifying Your Purpose

The first phase of the Money Map Life Planning process involves six modules, each of which have a different role. These modules are meant to guide you through the process of:

  • Identifying your core wants
  • Identifying the amount of money that will cover those wants (i.e., what sort of living situation would be comfortable given your personality)
  • Understanding how to prioritize your time
  • Evaluating hidden resources
  • Architecting your income in accordance with your entrepreneurial “archetype”
    And more

Phase Two: Building a Personalized Business Model

The second phase of the Money Map Life Planning process involves building a personalized business model (both personal income and business revenue) — one in which the income stream is aligned with the self-discoveries that you made during phase one.

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Attorney Nicole Schaefer is a personal wealth and business coach, having assisted numerous clients with building and operating thriving businesses. As a successful business owner herself, Nicole is particularly well-equipped to help entrepreneurially-minded clients who are willing to take major steps to move forward in their life and work.

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