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Don’t think you need a copyright? Think again. Copyrights are incredibly important, especially if you are involved in music or anything creative. If you have done anything from creating a painting to writing a book, get a copyright to protect yourself.

But how do you know if a copyright is what you need? Well, here are the requirements to get a copyright:

  • The work must be in tangible form, i.e. not just in your head.
  • The work must be original and your creation.
  • Ideas are not copywritable- only expressions of those ideas.

So here are the exclusive rights you get with a copyright:

  • Right to reproduction
  • Right to distribution
  • The right to approve derivative works.
  • The right to public performance.
  • The right to public display.
  • And digital public performance right for sound recordings.

Of course, copyright registration is not required. But it does come with added protections, such as actual damages and statutory damages. Also, it is cheaper to register a copyright online than in the mail.

Basically, if you think you might want a copyright, speak to a lawyer. For example, I know tons of tricks and tips to get you more bang for your copyright buck.