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Yellow Dog Legal

The law firm for people who want their legal planning

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Award-Winning Attorney.

At Yellow Dog Legal, Attorney Nicole Schaefer ensures that her clients are top priority at every stage of representation. She is a committed attorney who offers comprehensive assistance with trademarks primarily.

Attorney Schaefer has a holistic view of legal representation that puts her clients’ needs and goals front and center.  As such, she has developed an in-depth consultation process that enables clients to play an active, collaborative role in the relationship and make their concerns explicitly known.

How it Works:

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Call (971) 350-8516 or schedule your own consultation!

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Comprehensive Search and Opinion Letter

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Get your Trademark / Copyright Certificate!

What I Do

Yellow Dog Legal — a Client-Centered Practice

Attorney Schaefer operates a client-centered legal practice that includes comprehensive trademark services, including comprehensive trademark searches and opinion letters, trademark applications, cease and desist letters, Office Actions, TTAB prosecutions and defense, and trademark monitoring. 

Looking for Something Specific? We Can Help!

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Evening appointments available. All consultations are virtual. DIY Packages available.

why choose Yellow Dog Legal


Contact Yellow Dog Legal for Protection

Nicole decided to practice trademarks after realizing how many businesses in her hometown of Portland, Oregon were being forced to re-brand because they didn’t have someone helping them search for trademarks or register theirs. Nicole’s main focus is to prevent re-branding and to protect businesses. Thus she started Yellow Dog Legal. Yellow Dog Legal is all about protection. Protecting your business. Protecting your brand. Protecting your vision. The best part? Yellow Dog Legal is a virtual, boutique firm, so you know you’re getting excellent service without having to pay for a fancy office. Trademarks are the federal registration of your business name, logo, slogan, products, etc. As such. Yellow Dog Legal can handle trademarks from all 50 states and is a national firm.

If you’d like to learn more, call Yellow Dog Legal at 971-350-8516 or complete an intake form to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

Boutique Representation

Yellow Dog Legal is a virtual boutique law firm. As such, overhead costs are low, and the cost savings can be reinvested into giving her clients the best possible experience. With all flat-fee services, you can avoid receiving a surprise bill too!

Virtual Firm

Yellow Dog Legal is a virtual law office run by an Oregon trademark and small business attorney. Essentially, you don’t have to drive to an office and we can communicate easily through an online medium, such as email, Skype, or a secure online client portal. You can even pay your legal fees online. Operating a virtual office allows Nicole to communicate with you quickly during work hours and keep overhead low. This allows Nicole to charge less in legal fees than other attorneys.

What they say...

I was referred to Yellow Dog Legal from the Oregon State Bar Association. I had a great experience working with them. Nicole Schaefer went above and beyond with solid info to help resolve my problem. I felt that Nicole was truly interested in helping us. Easy to work with and very responsive communication. To me, good communication is the most important thing (other firms didn't even contact me back). Thank you!

- VK

My business needed legal advice and Yellow Dog Legal pulled through in every way. Nicole gave us solid legal advice and sincere support, which helped us navigate a horrible situation we were dealing with. Very kind, knowledgeable and responsive! Highly recommended.

- ND

Excellent Trademark Attorney in Portland Oregon! Nicole is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She's easy to work with and very helpful in answering all the questions you have have about trademarks. She loves helping Portland Startups and I recommend my clients to her. After all, who wants to rebrand after spending so much money to create their logo, business name, and website? No one. Thank you Nicole for your expertise. If you're looking for a trademark lawyer, you've found the right one!

- AW

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